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Alexis Strum
Engaging, Warm, Friendly
Andrew Coltart
Sky Sports golf commentator, Scottish, Rich, Warm
Beau Baptist
Youthful, Fun, Urban
Brian Ford
Radio and television presenter & producer.
Carol Harrison
Mature London, Versatile
Cristina Dohmen
American, Warm, Versatile
Denis Tuohy
Legendary Broadcaster
Gary Bloom
Sports Commentator, Energetic, Articulate
Gary Newbon
Sports Commentator, Energetic, Authoritative
Hanna Stanbridge
Bright, Warm, Edinburgh
Hannah Emanuel
Warm, Sincere, Confident
Harvey Robinson
Strong, Deep, Versatile
Ian Hamilton
Warm, reassuring, authoritative
Isaac Wight
Warm, Light, Youthful
James Allen
Motor Sports Commentator, Smooth, Enthusiastic,
John Altman
Sincere, Natural, Nasty Nick
John Anderson
High Octane, Compelling, Precise
John Pennington
Genuine, Smooth, Authoritative
John Pohlhammer
American, Smooth, Versatile
Jonathan Pearce
Football Commentator
Karen Krizanovich
American, Rich, Husky
Keith Hayes
Strong, Clear, Well Spoken
Lorna Dunkley
Husky, Intelligent, Authoritative
Marc Cieslak
Warm, Assured, Smooth
Megan Jackman
Exciting, Trusting, Warm
Neil Bentley
Dynamic, Warm, Friendly
Paula Middlehurst
Warm, Clear, Authoritative
Penny Gore
Intelligent, Confident, Warm
Peter Bramhill
Northern, Versatile, Upbeat
Peter Drury
Football and sports commentator.
Philip George
Midlands, Brown, Lively
Qarie Marshall
American, Seductive, Versatile
Rod Culbertson
Authoritative, Medium Brown, Warm
Saffron Oddy
Northern, Youthful, Fun
Samantha Ferree
Refined, Discerning, Chocolate,
Sarah Amandes
Witty, Grounded, Resonant
Siôn Tudor Owen
Powerful, Epic, Versatile
Sonia Evans
Energetic, Cheeky, Scouse
Soraya Willis
Precise, Articulate, Sexy
Steve Rider
Sports Commentator, Authoritative, Sincere
Sue Green
Friendly, Engaging, Smooth
Thea Jo Wolfe
Friendly, Engaging, Youthful
Tiff Needell
Motor Sports Commentator, Upbeat, Rich
Tom Abbott
Cultured, Smooth, Golf
Yvette Fielding
Mancunian, Strong, Friendly