Karen Krizanovich

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Karen Krizanovich is Britain’s much loved American commentator on films, modern culture, relationships, sex and other fun things. Born near Chicago and trained as a philosopher, Karen came to Britain in the late 80s where she first wrote under Auberon Waugh for The Literary Review. Appearances on Sky News and Sex Talk followed, as did a stint as Sky Magazine’s comedy agony aunt Dear Karen – a column which ran for the life of the magazine itself.

Able to speak candidly but not coarsely on the topic of sex and the delicate topic of relationships, Karen appeared on such shows as CNN, Newsnight, Breakfast With Frost as well as Richard & Judy, GMTV, BBC News and radio shows such as Woman’s Hour, The Today Show and the World Service.

Recently, Karen was on the panel of The Compatibility Test for UKTV Style and regularly crops up as a talking head, giving her opinions on everything from war films to annoying celebrities.

Karen has also had her own radio and TV shows, namely The Karen Krizanovich Show on Liberty Radio and The Movie Show with Karen Krizanovich on Channel One. She has hosted and co-hosted many other TV and radio programmes.

Karen has furthered her knowledge of health, fitness and beauty – she was the Sunday Express Magazine’s beauty columnist for six years – by becoming qualified as a personal trainer. She volunteered for the YMCA’s Positive Health programme for two years.

Avidly interested in the film industry and film in general, Karen has worked on several features and produced several shorts: currently she is script reading and in development on other film and media projects.

Snappy, to the point, kind and clear, Karen is the perfect sound byte creator. With a logical mind and a quick wit, she tackles any topic – from American politics to marrying for money – with aplomb, skill and fun.


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